Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pick of the week -- Alexia French Fries

No pick last week... We bought tons of food for our son's first birthday extravaganza and had enough left over to skip grocery shopping.  Now we're back at it with this week's pick:  Alexia French Fries.

Here is a fantasic option if you want to eat healthier, but don't want to give up the fries.  Alexia makes a wide variety of organic appetizers, breads and potato products.  These fries taste incredible.  The olive oil lets them keep all of the flavor without being greasy.  They cook up nice and golden brown with a hot soft center.  I prefer to leave them in a little longer because they will get crispy without burning (just keep an eye on them).  They taste fresh, as opposed to other frozen french fries and the sea salt is a nice touch.  They sell a wide variety of french fries including sweet potato fries and a new Spicy Chipolte Sweet Potato flavor.  They sell for around $3.99 and are available at many large retail chains (we have seen them at Whole Foods, Costco and Target).   See nutritional information here.


  1. Nice post :) I am looking forward to trying the new sweet potato flavor!!

  2. Yes, what Ashley said! Sweet potato! That's a new one - can't wait to try it!