Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pick of the week...

Since we've had our own little food revolution, I am going to try to pick out one new find every week.  I have to say that buying food is kinda fun now, since there are so many new options and treasures that you can't find at regular grocery stores.

This week's pick is Amy's Pizza.  While I still prefer making my own pizza as opposed to buying frozen, I have to say that these pizza's are fantastic!  It's great how even after cooked from frozen,  the vegetables and other toppings taste fresh.  They are a good dinner for two, though I would suggest a salad or some other side, so that the meal is satisfying and you are not hungry right after.  So far we have tried the Mushroom and Olive, and the Pesto pizzas and both were great.  The price is in the $8 - $9 range.  Also, unlike most of the food you buy elsewhere, it does actually look like the picture on the box when ready, which is a nice change.

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